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Designer’s Review: Danielle Margaux by Danielle Vermaas

A close up on the creative debut from South African fashion designer, Danielle Vermaas.
Cape Town Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection 2011/2012

The debut show at Cape Town Fashion Week 2012 this year from Danielle Vermaas for her line called Danielle Margaux, proves that first impressions count for a lot and that details can be read between the lines. Fine tailored lines at that. The new ‘queen of subtle’ is how this supremely elegant fashion designer will no doubt be described in her burgeoning career as what promises to be a long and prosperous fashion fixture on the national and international scene.

Some words that spring to mind as her garments are showcased this year are ‘staple’, ‘fresh’, ‘elegant’ and ‘quality’. If the recession of recent years has done anything, it has taught us that quality of product and final finishes are what matters when looking for the real value. Danielle Vermaas forgoes the tat and instead devotes her attention to creating clothing that focuses on exquisite tailoring.

Danielle Vermaas designer as Danielle Margaux
Danielle Vermaas designer as Danielle Margaux

Her collection is compiled of thoughtful patterns that beg the onlooker to find fault in the drape and cut of each ensemble. Danielle Vermaas goes for challenging materials like silk and satin that requires a strategic approach to get the most from their natural attributes and uncover the shimmering qualities they bring to life. Her use of colour contrast serves to enhance the delicate nature of her collection by adding fresh springy yellows and cool blues to her palette of neutral stone and off white tones.

One of her most noteworthy talents is proved with this debut collection and that is one of the intrinsic concepts behind creating clothes; fitting the contours of a natural form and complimenting realistic shapes. Far too often in high fashion, a sample size body is all that is catered to which allows for shoddy workmanship in pattern making as typically, all complicated body shapes are exempt from the runway. Danielle Vermaas rises to the occasion by bringing true talent to the quality of her designs through excellent tailoring techniques that both flatter and accentuate a variety of body types.

Particularly eye catching on the runway during her show was the regal pairing of a full floor length skirt in butter yellow that pleated with perfect precision into a high waistband and topped off with a crisp white shirt. The effeminate class of the voluminous skirt combined with the classic cut of an impeccable shirt design announces only the most impeccable taste.

Her work is flawless, refined yet decadent in the devotion to fine craftsmanship and interesting contrasts. Danielle Vermaas takes her time with pattern construction and production and the two year wait for this designer debutant was well worth it. Already with views to take her work to an international level of export, the fresh quality of Danielle Vermaas’s designs can be expected to compete well as a convincing contender in the stakes of world class fashion.

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