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Nel-Marie Erasmus

Welcome to my blogsite.

I recently decided to change the direction of my career from Hospitality to Information Technology (or what I belive IT is).  I have grown very fond of web design and SEO.  So I slowly but surely started picking every single nerd and geeks brain I could find.

This proved quite the difficult way to learn as they assumed I know all the IT terminology and lingo… which I obviously did not.  Not to waste any of my time, I started googling (funny how google has now become a verb!) all the terms and keywords I heard and read on a daily basis.  Unfortunately some of the IT proffessionals I was mind picking were not in SEO which left me learning more about Cacti and Nagios and graphs and who knows what else, rather than SEO as I initially intended to.  It really suprised me how quick and easily I caught up with all the terms and different ways of doing things.

First I changed my Operating System from Microsoft to Linux Ubuntu. Initially this was a difficult step for me, I had never worked on any OS other than Microsoft and I was a bit hesitant to learn a new Operating System.  However I found Ubuntu absolutely amazing and I much prefer working on Open Source.  No more virus scanners WOOHOO! Plus it was developed right here in South Africa by our first South African in space, Mark Shuttleworth.

So I started by registering a domain name, pointed it to the webhosing company’s ip address and installed wordpress.  Now I needed a theme, this is where the fun began 😀

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