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Saterday July 18, 2009.

I went with a group of friends right over Table Mountain.  What a hike! We started at around 8:30 at the foot of the mountain at Newlands forest.  From here we took the contour path all the way to “the big rock” at kirstenbosch gardens where we took a quick breather.  See the pictures for this stretch below.

From Kirstenbosch gardens we walked up towards Skeleton Gorge.  This is where things start to get tough if you aren’t a regular hiker.  I was actually quite happy to have a few unfit friends around 😀 allowed for a couple of breathers while waiting for them 😀

Now Skeleton Gorge was a toughy!  If you decide to do this hike, this is where you get a nice upper and lower body work-out.  I could feel my arms the next day from all the rock climbing, as well as my abs, what a nice change from the burning legs I had to walk with…

Skeleton Gorge is hard to do but the reward is so worth it.  Where you reach the top you find a nice big dam

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