Helly-Hutchinson Reservoir to Table Mountain Cable way

At the top of Skeleton Gorge you enter the white sandy beach that leads to the reservoir.  The site of this on it’s own was enough to rejoice to, my legs were killing me.
If you plan on taking the trip up to the reservoir, pack a nice lunch, it’s something to look forward to, a nice reward 😀 A friend in our group even brought veggies, another brought pasta, hehe, anything goes!
I’d usually sick with a sandwich, biltong, winegums and water. The next leg of the hike to reach table mountain is quite a stretch so make sure to rest your bones a bit.
From here we followed the path to cross the reservoir were we found the Water works museum.  It was quite strange to find a Museum on the top of the mountain so we poked around for a while.  Photo’s for this also included.
From the Museum we walked along the Reservoir wall and started the next part over Eco Valley to reach the cable car.  By now we were all bushed and anxious to reach the top.

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