Goals, Funnels and Events

Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Ever since starting my journey with SEO and Online marketing I have been a loyal and faithful supporter of Google Analytics, I use this tool to track all my websites, I even tack my online CV with this. It is quite interesting to see how many people actually visit my CV and how they found it.
For this article I will speak a little about Analytics and Conversion Optimization.

Firstly let’s talk about the difference between goals, events and KPIs
A goal is an action that the site visitor should perform or the purpose of the website. Events are are the steps that the visitor takes to reach a goal in the conversion process. KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are metrics that indicate whether goals are being met.

Conversion optimization is turning the traffic to your website to convert to complete a specific goal such as subscribing to a news letter, making a purchase or any other goals set by the company. This is very easy using a tool such as Google Analytics. Below is a example of a goal I have created for a destination URL, I named the goal “CONTACT” as the destination URL is that of the contact page on this specific website.

Goal Conversion Analytics
Goal Conversion Analytics
Goal Conversion
Goal Conversion

Along with Goal conversions I always incorporate a funnel analysis. This tracks micro-conversions within the clickpath to your goal. It is important to me as analysing mirco-conversions will give us a better understanding of where in the clickpath conversion problems lie, providing a better understanding of pages that need work and SEO done. Below is a example of my funnel analysis for the above mentioned goal.

Funnel for Goal
Funnel for Goal

Considering the information above you will see what my probable goals of the site are and what events and KPIs I could use to measure these.

Goal: Increase contact from visitors
KPI: Conversion rate
KPI: Visitor source

Keep an eye out as I will be posting a “How-to” on Goal conversion setup and Funnel analysis.

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